Key Facts

Qualifying practice shall be of 1 session of maximum 45-minute duration on Friday, June 24.

The race shall be of maximum 180-minute duration, at night fall, on Saturday June 25.

  • Touring cars (TC)
    From Period E [01/01/1947] till Period H2 [31/12/1976]

  • Grand Touring car (GTS)
    From Period E [01/01/1947] till Period H2 [31/12/1976]
    • excluding Porsche 911 3.0 RSR
    • including Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RS
    • including Iso Grifo ac3/c
    • Please speak with your race organizer

    Cars must be presented in an appearance that reflects the period in which they raced and must conform to 2022 appendix K of the FIA International Sporting Code. Ideally, cars should be in possession of a valid Technical Passport (national or FIA). An entrant without Technical Passport for his car, is advised to contact his promoter. Cars with HTP take precedence over cars without HTP.

Optional 2 or 3 drivers.

The maximum duration of uninterrupted driving of a driver can not exceed 70 minutes. (With 15 minutes break before driving again).
National A licence or above.

  • CARS UP TO 1965

    Dunlop Racing « L » or « M » section or Avon CR6ZZ

  • CARS FROM 1966 TO 1971
    CARS FROM 1972 TO 1976

    Dunlop Racing « L » or « M » section
    Dunlop Racing Post-Historic
    Avon CR6ZZ

Any questions about tyres? Please email us at

Cars must comply with RACB mandatory safety rules.

107dB on the track, measured at 15m from the centreline of the track.

The refuelling during the race will only take place at the Total petrol station located inside the paddocks down to the Eau Rouge. The driver must get out of his car and do the refuelling himself. The mechanics are not allowed in the refuelling area. Maximum quantity of fuel for each refuelling : 100 liters.

The entry fee is 1950 Euros per car. The fuel is neither included for the practice nor during the race.

Entries are received through our online application form.

Extract from the Spa 3 Hours Regulations